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RPM-LV Variable air flow controller for low air velocities with high precision

RPM-LV – The airflow regulator is designed to control variable airflow in a circular duct. If variable air flow is used as needed, the operation of the air handling equipment is more economical. This compact device regulates from very low air velocities, based on a unique technical solution protected by utility model “Patent”.



  • to control variable or constant airflow in ventilation systems
  • diameters from 80 to 315 mm
  • flow rate from 9 to 2 244 m3/h (for example from 2.5 to 623 l/s)
  • for air velocities from 0.5 m/s
  • working since the control pressure loss is above 2 Pa
  • compact construction – no sharp and obsolete devices inside the damper
  • made of galvanized steel sheet
  • each controller is equipped with pressure sensor next to the blade and customized actuator (Belimo LMV-D3W-MP.1 MDK, supply voltage 24 V, control voltage 0–10V or 2-10V)