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NEW dynamic compact air handling units - CPV

Mandík has developed a new generation of compact AHU – the CPV. The new compact unit is designed and manufactured as a “dynamic design”.
This is due to our new unique software and in-depth customer research, the CPV unit can be designed and manufactured for very specific applications with external dimensions in 1mm increments.
Mandík design software AHUman can provide the total advanced design of the Dynamic CPV, as well as being Eurovent certified.
For application specific requirements where dimensions are critical; size, air quality, volumes and optional components can be automatically selected by AHUman software, meaning the smallest possible external dimension of the unit is designed, according to the size of internal components.
It is possible to select from a wide range of internal components and their combinations.
The standard heat recovery exchanger is “a plate counter-flow” type. There are also options for installations of two coils for heating and cooling, selection of fans type, including the options of installing “a fan wall”.
The new dynamic CPV can select the mixing / circulation function of exhaust air, with circular or rectangular exhaust and the ability to design an electrical switchboard which is placed in the interior or exterior of the CPV unit or as a remote location.
A complete description of CPV units can be found in the PRODUCT RANGE / AIR HANDLING UNITS section. https://www.mandik.com/product-line/air-handling-units/compact-air-handling-unit-mandik
We will be happy to provide a quotation or answer any questions relating to the new dynamic CPV air handling unit.

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